Petition to get the original music back in Daria 

Hi, I’m submitting a link to a petition that seeks to get MTV to rerelease Daria on DVD with the original music and editing restored.  It’s still early days but I’m excited about the prospect of getting MTV’s attention and showing them that, yes, the fans do care that the original songs were replaced by elevator music (even if it was pretty good), and yes, they would be willing to shell out a lot more than the pitiful $15 that the entire series is currently going for if it meant getting their real show back.  So if you’d be willing to publicize and express support for the petition, I would be grateful, and I’m sure a lot of Daria fans will be too!  Thank you for considering the petition.

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shykutie-deactivated20140802 asked: So true I agree with you no that I did so many things I wish I hadn't an made friends with the wrong people I would've been better off with the geeks or nerds sigh do you regret doing anything you've regretted back then. ?

i guess the most thing i regret is how i acted towards my parents, being a rebellious teen and all.

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yea, the comments about punctuation and grammar are dead on.  If you want to simulate Daria, you should do so correctly and with honesty to the original source material.

i guess so? i’m not an RP blog though! only use submit if you have a suggestion for a daria quote you want me to do!

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qpqrkjq replied to your post: madonnaxo said: As a writer…

I’m assuming they feel that this is a roleplay blog and you’re RPing Daria

oh true, well this is not a roleplay blog to anyone that thinks it is!!

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shykutie-deactivated20140802 asked: So cool I liked daria the most cause she didn't try to change herself for others I know I tried to hard to get people to notice me now I'm more withdrawn or closed off sigh so now I keep to myself after all the crap I've gone through ugh. An I also liked jane lane

daria is pretty cool like that

you don’t need to change yourself for others! i did that in high school and i ended up with the wrong kind of friends

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madonnaxo said: As a writer, I feel like Daria would have better punctuation and grammar in “her” responses.

is this meant to be rude? i literally can’t tell

if so, i know grammar and punctuation perfectly well thanks, but since this is not a blog about grammar and punctuation, i don’t feel the need to adhere to the rules of either

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shykutie-deactivated20140802 asked: Hi I wanted to know do you identify with any other character from the show by any chance

well, later in the show i identified with brittany because i am know what it’s like to be pigeonholed just by one aspect of my personality, even though i have much more depth than that!

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